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The Knight of Feita, Blacksmith
Name Lento
Race Human
Role The Knight of Feita, Blacksmith
Location Feita Village
Age 21
Voice Actors Korean Flag.png 김광국 (Kim Gwang-guk)
I am Lento, The Knight of Feita.

~ Lento


Official Description[edit]

A knight designated to the Feita Region, Lento used to be a field general of the Suburbs of Feita. He has been sent to guard Allegro, who was assigned some tasks to perform in Feita. Like most other soldiers, he is tough and rarely shows emotion, but he does his best to accomplish his duties. He is trying his hardest to keep Allegro safe.


Chapter 8: Bad Omens[edit]

After Lento and the other Feita Knights were able to flee the Feita Shrine, they have set up camp in the surrounding area and are able to keep the Demons from escaping for the time being. With the help of the El Search Party, Lento and the other Knights were able to securely barricade the demons in the tower, allowing their scouting operation to commence. Clearing a way through the Shrine of Dedication Entrance, the alarming number of Glitter demons that were at their doorstep drew Lento to the conclusion that the Glitter must be using necromancy to replenish their forces. The presence of Glitter Necromancers validated his speculation. After clearing the way through the entrance, thanks to the El Search Party and Allegro, the Knights made their way to the Spiral Corridor. He does warn the other members of the group of the treacherous labyrinth-like structure of the corridor, as well as the golems that could dive from above. As the El Search Party secure the corridor, Lento sent Knights ahead but is halted by the gigantic golem, Teach the Tyrant. With the El Search Party's intervention, the Feita Knights were able to bypass Teach and make their way to the main tower.

Chapter 9: Invaders from the other world[edit]

Finally inside the Underground Chapel, Lento hands the situation off to Allegro to deal with the apparition Amethyst. After obtaining Amethyst's Dark El, Lento makes sure to seal the fragment away so the demons are unable to ever revive Amethyst. With the chapel clear, the group made their way to the Underground Garden, where Lento explains that demons had corrupted the El-infused plants and the new demonic plants are not only taking over the garden but are infesting the rest of the shrine. The Plant Overlord in turn destroyed the way into the Heart of Spire. Upon further investigation, Lento's men report that another Dark El is present in the garden, heavily protected by Glitters. After a full-on assault of the Glitter Elite and the Dark El in the Feita Knight's possession, the party move onward to ascend the shrine.

In the Heart of Spire, the knights are bombarded by gargoyles, struggling their way up. They encounter another one of the Demon Elites, Assaulter Crash. Nearing the Altar of Dedication, Lento discover that even more Dark El are being harnessed in the area. With its energy coursing through the demons, their strength never deteriorates. With the Demon portal atop the central tower, the El Search Party and Feita Knights prepare an all-out assault on the demon forces, but first he sends the El Search Party on a scouting mission. When the group came back, Elsword explains the presence of all the Glitter Elites stationed on all corners of the altar. Upon further investigation, Lento realizes that the Glitters had been reviving their deceased Elites to fight over and over again. Realizing that continuing to fight the Elites is a pointless effort, he redirects his plans to be an all-out assault on the main altar. Once Berthe had been defeated and the demons removed, the darkness began to fade away from Feita and the holy energy of the shrine slowly returns. Lento thanks the El Search Party with utmost admiration and respect.

Chapter 32: Recuperation[edit]

After the demon invasion of Feita was over, the Feita Knights were able to secure the entire area. After doing so, a restoration project began in Feita. The group planned to completely restore the Underground Chapel and Altar to their original pristine condition. After much time had passed, Allegro commented on how peaceful Feita has been as of late ever since the El Search party had defeated the demons. Lento is quick to tell Allegro that they shouldn't let their guard down just in case. Allegro looks ahead to the reconstruction project and sees the long road they have in front of them. Lento says that he has to get some work done. Before leaving off, he asks Allegro why he speaks so timidly. Allegro replies that some things are just hard to change.


  • Lento's outfit and hairstyle were replicated for Raven in an April Fools NPC Costume.

Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 렌토 Lento
Japanese Flag.png Japan レント Lento
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 伦特 Lento
Spanish Flag.png Spain Lendo Lento
Italian Flag.png Italy Rento Lento


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