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Shadow Shaman
Full Name
Shadow Shaman
I will once again be the ruler of this mountain like ancient times!!! Don't bother me anymore!!!

~ Kayak


A lizardman shaman filled with spite against humanity. His radical ideologies got himself banished from the Bethma Lake Lizardman Tribe.


Plans for Vengeance

Kayak held great animosity towards humans, believing that the Lizardmen should rise up against the humans and drive them out of Bethma. His radical ideologies clashed with the views of the Lizardman Chief Berauk. Berauk, fed up with Kayak's maniacal plots, banished the shaman from Bethma Lake. Once he had been banished from his home, Kayak fell prey to his obsession with ridding humans. He had become a Shadow Shaman and with his dark magic, he created artifacts which he would use to take control of other Lizardmen so he could rise up against the humans. One of the Lizardmen he took control of was the chief of Bethma Lake, Berauk.

Chapter 3: The Uprising Problem of Bethma

Kayak would remained in his secret lair deep in the Dragon Nest. He aims to resurrect the Ancient Dragon that lived deep in the Dragon Nest to wipe out all of humanity from Bethma. However, the El Search Party was able to foil Kayak's plans and stopped the Shadow Shaman and gave him to the Bethma authorities. When he was defeated, the group discovered the shaman's plans to resurrect the dragon.

Dragon Nest: Abyss

While his plans were foiled by the El Search Party the first time, Kayak had no intention of abandoning it. He managed to escape and found refuge deep in the Dragon Nest: Abyss, where he furthered his plans to resurrect the Ancient Dragon. When the El Search Party were notified of strange activity happening inside the Dragon Nest, they searched the area until they discovered Kayak trying to resurrect the Dragon once again. While the El Search Party was able to defeat the Shadow Shaman a second time, he finished his ritual with his dying breath and the Ancient Bone Dragon was resurrected.



  • In old versions of Dragon Nest: Abyss, El Search Party defeated the Shadow Shaman and stopped him from finishing his ritual, so the Ancient Bone Dragon was not resurrected yet.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 카야크 Kayak
Japan カヤック Kayak
China (Simplified Chinese) 卡亚克 Kayak
Germany Kaya
France Kaya
Italy Kaya
Poland Kaya
Elsword: Evolution (Mobile) Karyak

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