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Name Barton
Race Human
Role Student



The son of a Velder nobleman and a student of one of Velder's most prestigious military academies.


Mock Siege Warfare

After Owen declined to be on Zohan and Fred's team, the two were get Barton in his place.

During the Mock Siege Warfare, Zohan and his group were stationed on the defensive position. Zohan and Fred grew very arrogant against Raven and his team, laughing and mocking them. Barton however still remained cautious. Raven having already infiltrated the castle lured the boys into taking his bait. Barton and Fred began to fight Raven while Seris and Owen took the opportunity to infiltrate the castle. With the two inside the castle, victory for Raven's team was certain.


The group of boys grew were spiteful towards Raven, Owen, and Seris after their humiliating defeat. Barton commented that they won't be able to do anything once they graduate from the academy.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 바튼 Barton
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 巴顿 Barton
French Flag.png France Baton Barton

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