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Dark Elf Commander of White-Ghost Army
Name Chloe
Role Dark Elf Commander of White-Ghost Army
Location Hope Bridge, Burning Hope Bridge, Southern Gate, Heart of the Ancient Waterway, Halls of Water
Velder is already within our grasp!

~ Chloe



The Leader of the Dark Elves. A master strategist who defected to help the demons in their conquest of Velder.


Chapter 10: Velder is in danger

Chloe, having defected to join forces with the Demons, played an integral part in the invasion of Velder. She led the demons through into Velder by opening a gateway where the Earth El was. When Chloe and her minions made their way into the hall where the Earth Priestess was, she was informed that Jin and In were in the area and were seen taking off. Taking no concern with their actions, Chloe continued with her plans for Velder.

Chloe encountered the El Search Party at Hope Bridge. She stationed the barricades to prevent the El Search Party and Velder soldiers from advancing towards the Palace Entrance. Doing her best to keep the Velder guards from reaching the palace, she decided to personally guard the final checkpoint of Hope Bridge herself. However, the El Search Party were able to make their way through.

Chapter 11: Kingdom in captivity

After being defeated, Chloe escaped the area and joined the demon squads patrolling Burning Hope Bridge. The El Search Party's attempt to reclaim the palace ended in complete failure as the demons had prepared a large amount of explosives, deeming the area far too dangerous to proceed. In an attempt to escape with as little civilian casualties as possible, they make their way through the now Burning Hope Bridge. As soon as they made it to the other side into Commercial Area 1, the group was attacked by Chloe and her army of Glitters and Dark Elves. Desperate to save his friends, Elsword shut the gates between Hope Bridge and Commercial Area 1 with his friends and allies on the other side. Elsword was struck down by Chloe, ready to impale Elsword with a sword but was stopped by Elesis. Unprepared to deal with Elesis, the dark elf retreated to Southern Gate. There she caught the El Search Party by surprise with her ability to summon Dark Nephilim an infinite amount of times. After the El Search Party was able to destroy the Rune-Imprinted Stone Chloe used to summon Dark Nephilim, she escaped.

Chapter 12: Hamel Fell into Darkness

Some time between her escape from Velder and her reappearance in Hamel, some force had started to corrupt her body, turning her into Fallen Chloe. While Denka was researching the Guardian Stone, Chloe had stolen it in the darkness of night. She also went and attempted to assassinate Rod Ross but was chased off by his guard. While difficult, the El Search Party was able to track Chloe down in the Heart of the Ancient Waterway and they retrieved the Guardian Stone back from Chloe.

Chapter 13: Secrets of the Temple

Defeated, she fled again to the Halls of Water, where she along with her subordinates working under Ran defended the Hall of Water and all of them held pieces of confidential information about Ran's plans and what he did to Helputt.

Boss: Chloe

Chloe's appearance in Hope Bridge

Chloe will appear in Hope Bridge as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Arc Shot: She will shoot 3 arrow in a spread.
  • Rapid Shot: She is able to perform Rena's Rapid Shot, she'll finish it off with an Arc Shot.
  • Aerial Bomber: High jump across the screen, shooting an arrow downwards that explodes on impact.
  • Slash: Chloe draws her knife and quickly slashes her enemies twice.
  • Tumble: A defensive move where Chloe backflips several times.
  • Summoning Call: Chloe summons 4 Dark Elves, usually when all the others have been defeated. When she does, she will jump to an unreachable platform, say a few words, and then her Dark Elves will drop into the room. Chloe will then drop from the sky afterwards on the left hand side of the far right upper platform (she may call them while in middle of combo to avoid you)

Mini Boss: Fallen Chloe

Chloe's appearance in Heart of the Ancient Waterway and Halls of Water

After being corrupted, Chloe will reappear in Heart of the Ancient Waterway and Halls of Water as Fallen Chloe, who will face players as the dungeons' mini boss.


  • Wind Sneaker Combos: She can perform very basic Wind Sneaker commands. Including basic kicks, slide kicks, and a partial air kick.
  • Slash: Chloe draws her knife and slashes you twice with it. Induces KD and Bleed (see Status Effects).
  • Tumble: Chloe will perform a series of back flips, avoid any attack that goes her way. She is completely invincible during this.
  • Dark Force: Chloe imbues her attacks with the power of darkness. Similar to Wind Sneaker's Nature's Force active skill.
  • Dark Spinning Kick: Chloe spins horizontally, drilling into opponents with her feet. Similar to Combat Ranger's Spinning Kick special active skill. This does substantial damage.
  • Dark Slide Double Kick: Chloe slide kicks behind the you followed by a kick and another kick into the air. Similar to Wind Sneaker's Slide Double Kick special active skill. This does enormous damage.
  • Recover Kick: When getting up from being knocked down, she will perform a windmill kick.


  • Chloe wrote the Easy Catch skill note.
  • Chloe also appears in Grand Chase for Kakao CBT as a boss. However, her name was changed to 로즈.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 클로에 Chloe
Japanese Flag.png Japan クロエ Chloe
Spanish Flag.png Spain Cloe Chloe
French Flag.png France Chloé Chloe

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