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Name Zohan
Race Human
Role Student



The son of a Velder nobleman and a student of one of Velder's most prestigious military academies.


Military Academy

Zohan and Fred were trying to get one last member for their team for the Mock Siege Warfare. With their options beginning to wear thin they confronted Owen to recruit him seeing him as the only acceptable option since he is still from a fairly noble family. Zohan criticized Owen for focusing on his plans over building some strength and stamina. Owen however completely grew fed up with his teammates and decided to abandon them seeing them as a lost cause. Fred lashes out at Owen, threatening to have his father do something about it. Raven steps up to defend Owen, but Zohan tells Raven not to step up in matters that don't concern him. He scoff off Raven as a mere commoner.

Mock Siege Warfare

During the Mock Siege Warfare, Zohan and his group were stationed on the defensive position. Zohan and Fred laughed and mocked Owen and his team for their so-called strategy. Raven having already infiltrated the castle lured Fred and Barton into taking finding his location so he could act as a distraction. Raven sprang out and struck Zohan, making him the first of the group to be defeated. When Seris and Owen rushed into the castle Zohan reacted to them but due to him being considered "dead" by the rules he was disqualified.


The group of boys grew were spiteful towards Raven, Owen, and Seris after their humiliating defeat. Zohan actively mocked Raven and his group calling them nobodies while his friends Fred and Barton only added fuel to his fire. Seris accused Zohan and his group of cheap tricks but he simply brushed her claims off and tore her down for being from a lowly family. Raven and Zohan's group got into a heated argument, however Owen stepped in and broke it up to prepare Raven and Seris for their next training session.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 조한 Zohan
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 赵悍 Zohan
French Flag.png France Johann

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