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Demon Army Leader
Full Name
Demon Army Leader


The Demon General of the Steel Army that served under Lu and later the leader of the Demon Army.


Overthrowing the Queen

Barkat was a demon general that served under Lu, however after the reign of the Demon King ended and the factions began to war with each other for power. Barkat betrayed Lu and chained her up. Lu demanded that Barkat set her free, but the demon general refused and impaled Lu with more chains. Unable to free herself, Lu was unable to punish Barkat for his betrayal.

Demon Army

After overthrowing Lu, Barkat rose to a status of power and is now acting as the head officer of the Demon Army in the Demon Realm.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 바르가트 Barkat
China (Simplified Chinese) 巴尔加特 Barkat
France Bargat

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