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Altera Village's Blacksmith
Name Agatha
Race Pongo
Role Altera Village's Blacksmith
Location Altera Village
Age 28
Hey! Your eyes tell me that you are a man of passion and devotion, eh?

~ Agatha


Official Description

An aggressive and hearty weapons dealer, Agatha is boastful and cunning. Her figure may be the envy of health buffs everywhere, but she often gets sick. She speaks her mind even though the timid nature of Ponggo runs in her blood.


Chapter 6: The Floating Island, Altera

Agatha was one of the miners who dug the Transporting Tunnel B4-1 when the Ponggos were attempting to flee from the Nasods. Once the El Search Party had went through the Transporting Tunnel, Agatha scouted ahead in Altera Plains, nearly getting herself killed by all the prototype Nasods around the area. However, her thick fur proved very useful for scouting past the Electrifying Tongs scattered throughout the plains.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

With Altera no longer under thread of the Black Crow and King Nasod, the Pongos were able to live without fear. Agatha was put in charge of the construction project to seal of Transport Tunnel B4-1. Adel comes along to check how much progress had been done, and Agatha confidently states that the project is nearing completion. Adel reflects on how much has changed, Agatha feeling thankful that the El Search Party stopped both the Black Crow and King Nasod.


  • In story dialogue, Agatha seems to very good at fighting. But in fact she never fought with anyone.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아가타 Agatha
Japanese Flag.png Japan アガタ Agatha
German Flag.png Germany Agda
Spanish Flag.png Spain Agda
French Flag.png France Agda
Polish Flag.png Poland Agda


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