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Various characters in the Elsword universe that are either unseen, play a very inconsequential role, or appear in other Elsword material other than the game.

Side Characters

Characters that play some role in the world of Elsword.

  • COBO President: The President of COBO Services who started the company as a small firm that hired adventures to do various jobs and delivered mail between villages. Ariel describes the president as a good person, however is noted to be working on some outlandish space time project. Ariel states that despite his actions, he doesn't mean anything bad despite what the adventurers might think.
    • With the way Ariel describes his actions, he may serve as an allegory for Elsword's Director.
  • Noah: Once a fierce commander of the Velder army. She conquered all of Lurensia with her military tactics. Her thirst for conquest lead her to go beyond the Lurensia continent and tried to invade Fluone. Her first target was Hamel but due to their superior navy she attempted a sneak attack. It however failed due to Hamel's weather and she died there. Her ship remains wrecked in Noah's Grave to this day.
    • Her influence would go beyond her accomplishments as many people and places would be named after her including Lake Noahs and Velder's Ice Princess Noah.
  • Wind Priestess: A Caluso woman and Anduran's mother. She was the previous Wind Priestess before Anduran took on the role. She gave her life during The Rage of Behemoth, she was able to seal the Behemoth in Parugo Mountain to end to conflict before passing away.
  • Atlas Nasod Developers: A group of Nasod Developers in Atlas City. Due to the El Search Party meddling with space and time, these researchers were able to travel to the ancient Nasod Defense Fortress of Aero City. There they were able to recover the Nasod Guardian Eltrion, then they rebuild him into Eltrion MK2.
  • Raven's Father: A powerful warrior among the commoners of Velder, Raven looks up and aspires to be the powerful proud warrior his father once was.
  • Nasod Ruler: An organization of humans after the Nasod War who aim to eradicate any trace of Nasods. They are composed of people knowledgeable of Nasods who are using their knowledge to dispose anything related to Nasods.
  • Ara's Siblings: Including Aren, Ara has at least two brothers and 3 sisters. All but Aren would tease her and mock her due to her being not being from the same mother as they were.
  • Denif's Mother: A character mentioned by Denif and the original owner of the Water Dragon's Compass, she passed down the device to her son.
  • Eris: Test subject of the Rosso family assigned the designation A-97. Proved to be promising subject for maintaining the Fire El, but ultimately went out of control and was disposed of.
  • Pavel: A member of the Landar caravan.
  • Denev: A member of the Landar caravan.
  • Linda: A member of the Landar caravan and Mathi's magic mentor.
  • ???: An unknown member of some organization. He appears to be a fortune teller and a servant of ??.
  • ??: An unknown member of some organization. Referred to as Princess, she notoriously has anger issues.

Other Characters

Characters with no real bearing on the Elsword world other than the fact they exist.

  • Goddess Dryad
    A goddess of nature, and the spirit that summons growths of roots out of the ground to trap enemies when called upon.
  • Goddess Illipia
    A goddess of light, and the spirit which summons a radiant light that rejuvenates allies health when called upon.
  • Goddess Oryed
    A goddess of the earth, and the spirit which shatters the ground underneath enemies when called upon.
  • Goddess Raul
    A goddess of lightning, and the spirit which sends a bolt of lightning raining down from the heavens when called upon.
  • Grim Reaper
    Death himself, he is seen briefly when Death Field is cast. He wrote the Death Smile skill note.
  • The Flaring Fairy
    The beautiful fairy that is called upon with Airelinna, playing her harp she bestows upon allies heath and enhanced fighting abilities.
  • Mrs. Rotten
    After defeating King Nasod, the El Search Party were staying at a small residence in Velder owned by Mrs. Rotten. She supplied the group with meals while they stayed however hurt her back while moving crates which prompt the event of ElType Vol. 3.
  • Ymir: An ancient giant lived in a long time ago. After he died, his body changed to be the Elrios continent. His spirit remained in Elrios and created the Henir's Time and Space's very first incarnation Ymir's Time and Space. Not much is known about Ymir, but the dimension he controlled featured a strange primitive reality reminiscent of Grand Chase.
    • His name comes from the character Ymir from Norse mythology.
  • Wolvernian's Friend
    A friend of Wolvernian and another hitman. Due to disputes between various gangs in Lanox, other groups took vengeance on him and killed his family. Blinded with anger and revenge, her charged against the killers to get revenge but was killed himself.
  • Helen's Daughter: Nothing is really known about her but she was mentioned by Helen during the Valentines event.
  • Pesop's Family: Pesop used to have both a wife and a daughter. His's wife who died of unmentioned causes. It was her death which led Pesop to use forbidden alchemy to try and revive her, losing both his face and his daughter in the process.
  • Richie: Richian and Rosean's father and the owner of Richie Mines before it was passed down to his son Richian.
  • Etna: A night guard that lives in the Elf Village and writer of the Lava Gusher skill note. Mastered the technique of creating wider craters in order to allow larger bursts of fire.
  • Jake Dr. Gamble: Writer of the Momentum Enduration skill note. A man that believes life can as simple as it can be.
  • Emporjacht: Writer of the Swift Foot Stance skill note. Knowledgeable of the perfect stance of optimize a forward thrust.
  • Buff Guy K: Writer of the Low Blow Kick I skill notes. Tells people the art of performing a deadly kick to a guy's crotch.
  • Spike. C: Writer of the Enraged Precision Strike skill note. A fighter who believes the first strike is the most important.
  • Master of slashing, the stone ax: Writer of the Penetrating Blast skill note. A man that puts great emphasis on the perfect angle of attack, much like an eagle diving for its prey.
  • Edek D. Stein: Writer of the Soul Ripper skill note. Revolutionized the method skill attack enemies, not only harming them physically but targeting their mana flow from within.
  • Secret Alchemist Christo: Writer of the Burst Enchant skill note. An alchemist who believes he discovered a way to enhance weapons beyond their current established limits. However his work is met with much skepticism.
  • Lote: Writer of the Quantitative Improvement I and Quantitative Improvement II skill note. A nutty magic professor with an eccentric manor of speech.
  • Dead drunk, lawyer Erdin: Writer of the Thoughts on Quality Enhancement I and Thoughts on Quality Enhancement II skill notes. An alcoholic lawyer who seems to be delusional and believes the magic swords summoned by Rising Wave have a mind of their own. Also not one to have very far perception of the future living in the here and now, while still being drunk out of his mind.
  • Darin the Skilled Ranger: Writer of the Blade of Saw skill note. An advocate of pointy sharp swords.
  • Raiden: Writer of the Shock & Awe skill note. A mage who has furthered the use of Lightning Bolt by slowly increasing the surges produced and strengthening the technique.
  • Anthony: Writer of the Trauma skill note. Believer that one should mental impair an opponent with violent trauma to break them down.
  • Merlin: Writer of the Soul Movement skill note. Researched into the art of teleportation and its effects on time and space. Revealing that one can stop time and move the soul freely in the brief stasis.
  • Chou: Writer of the Free Spirit skill note. A monk who emphasizes the unity between the mind, soul, and body.
  • Oliver, the Scholar: Writer of the How to Manipulate Thunder skill note. A scholar of lightning and researcher on how emotions control the output of a magician's lightning pushing for a fearless but controlled approach.
  • Galadrien: Writer of the Explosive Bubble Pop skill note. Teaches of a method manipulating energy in fireballs which pack an explosive punch.
  • Great Magician Holic: Writer of the Ion Plasma and Additional Order skill notes. A genius magician who believes in strict discipline over magic. He is not afraid to reach into the realm of science to hone his art. Investigating the properties and principles of Ion and Plasma beams.
  • Phantom Thief, Oath Still: Writer of the I'm taking that! skill note. A thief who prioritized the ability to obtain an item from the shadows over "stealing", comparing the magic ability to his own profession as a thief.
  • Tia: Writer of the Power Drain, Ring of Energy, Magic Smashing skill notes. A Battle Magician who is a little rusty on her moves.
  • W.T.: Writer of the Know your Strength III skill note. Emphasizes the usefulness of setting up for a second strike.
  • The Hermit 'Wind Shoes': Writer of the Nimble Landing I skill note. Preaches people to practice the perfect landing.
  • Flemming: Writer of the Hollow Tips skill note. Tips archers to sharpen their arrow points to make the most of it.
  • Crash: Writer of the Nimble Landing II skill note. A heavily armoured Glitter Knight with a humongous hammer. Suggests a routine workout regiment out jumps.
  • Collins: Writer of the Exceeding the Threshold skill note. A skilled Combat Ranger, with extremely fast kicks, he has far superior control of the wind pressure, he named the technique "Hecto Pascal".
  • Roy: Writer of the Low Blow Kick II skill note.
  • Shooter Orien: Writer of the Definition of Explosion I skill note. An archer who has learned secret magic spear techniques. A technique that is not easy to perfect.
  • Princess Karen: Writer of the Pursuing Spirit skill note. A spiritual princess of a distant land. She calls upon the spirits to to aid her.
  • Sieghart: A conversation he had with Elesis was transcribed for the Deadly Strike skill note. A master gladiator and ancestor of Elsword and Elesis. He knows all too well that one must seek out an opponent's weakness, and there is no shame in it.
  • Person from Ice Crystal Castle: Video recording used to make the Seed of Frost Explosion skill note. The person seemed to try and create a way to warm their village however it ended up in failure only making the blistering cold worse.
  • Fighter Chuck: Writer of the New Stance skill note.
  • The Cougar: Writer of the Lightning Dash skill note. An experienced adventurers who's seen many adventures get striked down in his past.
  • Kun Nuri: Writer of the The Running Man skill note. A professional runner.
  • Clay: Writer of the Earth Bender skill note. Teaches people to hit people on their vein points.
  • Bounce: Writer of the Effective Trusting skill note.
  • Magical Swordsman Owen: Writer of the Pledge of Blood skill note. A swordsman that signed a blood oath for power.
  • La Rio: Writer of the Fast Revolving skill note. A leader and tactician, a person that implements all lessons learned and preaches constant practice.
  • Hedge Hog: Writer of the Continuous Summoned Attacks skill note.
  • Legendary Boxer Mercenary S.: Writer of the Waiting Alone skill note. A mercenary capable to waiting patiently before wiping out opponents before their eyes.
  • Tronus: Writer of the Modified Chaos Engine skill note.
  • Market Chief: Writer of the Bogus Contract skill note. Supervisor of the Free Market, always cautious and always doing his best to prevent riots from breaking out. All about manipulating the masses.
  • Maha: Writer of the Quick Charge! skill note. Created a method that increases electron ball charge rate.
  • Bomb Expert K: Writer of the Special Nasod Big Explosion skill note. Suggests stuffing the shell with more explosive. Bigger explosions are always better.
  • Ancient Nasod Researcher 'Tuku': Writer of the Activate Offense Mode! and Breaking In II skill notes. An ancient Nasod Researcher who specialized in investigate the ancient Oberon units.
  • Justin C: Writer of the Helpful Training skill note. A man how had once fought Nasods, perhaps during the Nasod War.
  • Trouble Shooter K: Writer of the High-Power Electron Beam skill note. A very knowledgeable person when it comes to Nasods, learning how to power up Particle Ray.
  • Vengeful Raguel: Writer of the Heavy Blow and Patience, Patience, Patience skill note. An unbound rage filled man who seeks nothing but to destroy everything in his path and destroy any competent adversaries. He techniques are sadistic and merciless.
  • Hamel's Combat Instructor Miru: Writer of Push and Push, Armor-Piercing, Spirit Cannon, Autosensing Shot, and Special Bombing Ceremony skill notes. An instructor of Hamel's military knowing many physical combat and artillery combat techniques.
  • Brom Shooter: Writer of the Rapid-Firing Support skill note. A sniper who is all about being quick and keeping his allies in a safe zone.
  • Red Knight Drillmaster: Writer of the Blaring Screech skill note.
  • Member of the Seiker Family: Writer of the Guardian Mentality skill note. An honorable member of the Seiker Family and one willing to pass his/her techniques to later generations.
  • Mailbox in Ruben: Writer of the Stable Stance skill note... Wait... the mailboxes are sentient?
  • Shooter Gail: Writer of the Improved Maneuver and Windy Speed skill notes. A good teacher for basic gun stances and a talented horseback rider, one of the fastest horseback riders there are.
  • Universal Shooter: Writer of the Real Head Shot skill note. A person who feels thrills when they fire a piercing bullet.
  • Suspicious soldier: Writer of the Unauthorized Bomb skill note. A sketchy behind closed door explosives dealer. Clearly illegal but is selling them for 100ED.
  • Ryu Jin Haan: Writer of the Second One is Real! skill note. A member of the Haan family and master martial artist. Most likely perished when Ran attacked Fahrmann.
  • Martial arts Master Mei Shin: Writer of the Wolf's Bite skill note. Brother of Arang and a master martial artist, you don't want to get punched by this guy.
  • Caligo, the Red Dragon: Writer of the Raging Firestorm skill note. A dragon who believes in the unstoppable power of fire.
    • She is also the dragon which would inspire the Ice Burners costume, Ignition Caligo.
  • Sword of Gale Grail: Write of the Instinctive Charge skill note.
  • Blacksmith, Galie: Write of the Skills of the Terminator skill note. A blacksmith who has tried and tried to craft the ultimate equipment however all her attempts have ended with the equipment shattering.
  • Writer of an ancient document: Writer of the Imposing Stance skill note. A scholar who has vast knowledge of the phantasm sword. Unlike what many believe, the aura that appear is actually physically real. The scholar discovered that however it works, it is creating a physical sword out of thin air.
  • Questionable Knight: Writer of the Swift Swordsmanship skill note. A lazy knight who doesn't care much for using up mana.
  • Warrior of Fire, Panate: Writer of the Sharp Blade of Fire skill note. An extremely gifted Pyro Knight who just loves to humble brag about his skills.
  • Ancient Researcher: Writer of the Gravitational Field skill note. An investigator of black holes and gravity. Intrigued by the dense pull of gravity and how not even light can escape.
  • Torn to Pieces: Writer of the Selected Soul skill note. A demon soul seller, he can sell all kinds of soul, even ones he does have, he can just make.
  • Spirit Guide Laxus: Writer of the Recycling Technology skill note. A spirit that contemplates how easy it is for one's life to be taken away in battle. However being the one who takes souls as well.
  • Specter's Salvager Roxas: Write of the Soul Amplification skill note. Realizing that Eschaton is just a mass of many souls, the simple solution would be to add more souls to make it bigger.
  • Hamel Artillery Department: A regular customer of COBO Defense. They continue to research and develop the latest and greatest in artillery weaponry.
  • Hamel's Artillery Bombardment Unit: Group of air fighter pilots part of the Hamel military. They are set to fire bombing raids whenever a Carpet Bombing is signaled for.
  • Lilian: Writer of the Blazing Blood skill note.
  • Demon King Oriax: Writer of the Equivalent Exchange skill note. A powerful demon king with thirty legions of demons under his command.
  • The Dark Shadows: A council a dark nobles which are said to control Elrios from the shadows.
    • Their robes are identical to the Dark Shadows Ice Burners set.
  • Grenore Family Servants: The Genore family is know to at least have one butler and one maid.
  • Haan Martial Arts Instructor: The teacher of the Haan family, he teaches Ara along with her step-siblings and Aren. He knows that Ara is quite skills, being able to follow his training perfectly.
  • Jin Family: Another family clan of the Northern Empire Xin. They are rival competitors of the Haan family during the Empire's martial arts tournament.
  • Feidan: Test subject of the Rosso family assigned the designation B-49.
  • Marcan: Test subject of the Rosso family assigned the designation B-63.
  • Ta'al: One of the night guards in the Elf Village.
  • Cindy: A member of the El Search Party under Lowe's command during the night patrol.

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