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Elder of the Erindel Territory
Full Name
Branwen Erindel
Elder of the Erindel Territory
Eldrasil loves all the life residing in the forest.

~ Branwen


The Elder of the Erindel territory, and the Elder which took interest in Rena's ability to commune with spirits. Due to their diminishing El power, the Elder calls upon Rena to help them retrieve an El so they could remain in the material world.


Finding a Disciple

Branwen Erindel was the Elder of the Elves in the Erindel Territory. Her interest was peaked when she learned of a girl named Rena who had the rare ability to control and communicate with the forest spirits. For much of Rena's early life, Branwen had always been on the sidelines looking over her.

After Rena had over exhausted herself trying to communicate with the spirits causing herself to pass out, Branwen was alerted by Rena's father, Isilad. The Elder made her way to the home of Lillia and Isilad where she treated Rena with her spiritual energy. Once Rena regained consciousness, Branwen asked her if she wanted to become her disciple to everybody's surprise. Rena agreed to it.

Branwen taught Rena how to use her powers wisely and to take responsibility for them. She asked Rena what she was thinking when she tried to revive her friends flower, Rena hesitated but replied saying "nothing". A honest answer that Branwen accepted, but also one she said was foolish. She teaches Rena about life energy and what it would've taken if she were to have revived Lua's flower. Branwen projects an image using her spirit powers to show Rena a picture of the Eldrasil, a tree which protects the forest with the El. She tells Rena that the tree protects them and it is happy that Rena and Lua always visit it. Branwen elaborates that their ability to communicate with spirits comes from the Eldrasil. She leaves off by telling Rena that nobody should know that she has taken her under her wing other than Lua and her parents.

Onward, Rena would perform various tasks under Branwen.

Diminishing El

The El which Branwen was in possession of and which bestowed the power of the Eldrasil to the Elves began to weaken. Needing to restore its power, Branwen tasks Rena to restoring the El and sends her off to Ruben and the Tree of El.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 브란웨 에린델 Branwe Erindel
China (Simplified Chinese) 布兰维尔 · 艾琳黛尔 Branwe Erindel
Germany Branwe Eridel
France Branwe Eridel

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