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Princess of the Empyrean Empire
Full Name
Vega Erze Von Philasia
Princess of the Empyrean Empire
Voice Actors
South Korea 김율 (Kim Yul)
North America & International Unknown
Japan Unknown
Germany Unknown
Spain Unknown
France Unknown
Italy Unknown
Poland Unknown
England Unknown
Rose, listen well!

~ Ezre


The princess of the Empyrean empire. When the great disaster started to seep into Empyrean, Ezre was attacked, hoping to find the cause of the disaster, Ezre sent Rose to investigate the dimension of Elrios.


The Young Ruler

Ezre was given the role of leader of the Empyrean Empire at a young age, the previous ruler having passed the role was moved down to her. Originally she was fearful of the responsibilities she would carry. Often running away and doing whatever she could to escape the role she must now play. One day when asking for advice, she was told that what she was experiencing wasn't serious. Originally enraged by this comments, the man later told her that she can't change that past, instead she must focus on what she can do, and what she wants to do. This advice sparked the drive she needed to become the ruler she was expected to be.

Anna Testarossa

Ezre was the Princess of the Empyrean Empire. After General Testarossa's death, Anna fell into a state of depression. During that time, Ezre was planned to attend a meeting at Anna's military academy. Seeking to step away from her place as princess, Ezre disguised herself as a commoner tried to sneak into the academy. Unfortunately, Anna caught her, however Anna was unaware it was the princess. Believing the child to be from the local area, Anna felt sympathy to the impoverished in the area and let her go. Anna would be shocked when she ran into the child once more. Ezre found Anna's hiding place when she was crying about her father. Ezre tells her that she cannot change what has happened and that she should only look at what she can do now before disappearing. Upon their next meeting, Anna was still hurt by her previous words, however Ezre explained that she had gone through a similar situation as well before she once again left.

On the ceremony to commemorate her visit to the military academy, Ezre stood in front of Anna who was startled at the realization that the girl she had seen before was the Imperial Princess herself. Ezre's officer became angered by the child's disrespect but Ezre held the officer back. Telling him to take out and read a scroll she had prepared, the announced that the empire would pardon General Testarossa's actions during the war and reestablish his rank as general. Anna was dazzled by the events that transpired and Ezre had invigorated a new light inside Anna.

After Anna graduated from military academy, Ezre appointed her to her personal guard, the Imperial Garden, there Anna was appointed the name Rose.

The Great Disaster

Ezre had received omens of an incoming disaster in the near future. Out of nowhere, dark demons had attacked her, Rose arrived and protected the princess. With the omens of the Great Disaster becoming more frequent, Ezre began to research it and soon discovered that the incidents were connected to an alternate dimension, Elrios. The princess called for Rose and tasked her with investigating and stopping the cause of the Great Disaster.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea ??? Princess Vega Erze Von Philasia
France Impératrice Vega Hergé de Pilatia Empress Vega Ezre Von Pilatia

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