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Bethma Lake Lizardman Chief
Full Name
Bethma Lake Lizardman Chief
Grrr... Kill... Kill all...

~ Berauk


The once peaceful chief of the Lizardman Tribe in Bethma Lake.


The Shadow Shaman Kayak

Berauk is a childhood friend of Chacha Buch and the leader of the Bethma Lake tribe of Lizardmen. Prior to the events of Bethma, Berauk banished the shaman Kayak from Bethma Lake. Unfortunately, Kayak would return as a Shadow Shaman, unleashing a volatile spell which hypnotizes the Lizardmen of the lake.

Chapter 3: The Uprising Problem of Bethma

When the El Search Party entered Bethma Lake to fine Berauk, the hypnotized chieftain attacked the group. They manage to defeat Barauk and upon further investigation, Aisha deduces he was under some kind of berserk spell, one which [[Chacha Buch realizes is Kayak's doing. Unfortunately the spell was a type of necromancy and Berauk's soul had since been lost, unable to return. Nothing could be done than to put the berserk chieftain out of his misery.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 베라우크 Berauk
Japan ベラルクゥ Berauk
China (Simplified Chinese) 贝罗克 Berauk
Spain Berroc Berauk
France Beurke Berauk
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