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Rena's Best Friend
Lua Dream.jpg
Name Lua
Race Elf
Role Rena's Best Friend
I want to see the world of humans with my own eyes. I want to go to places that aren't a forest. I want to talk with humans, befriend them, become companions….

~ Lua



A childhood friend of Rena, the two in their childhood were very mischievous children in the Elf Village.


The Tomboy Duo

When Lua was little, she was best friends with Rena. The two were mischievous tomboys of their village and were always running around the forest playing with each other. One day, when the two were racing each other through the forest, Rena noticed smoke rising in the distance. The two looked in that direction but were disappointed when the smoke stopped. Lua insisted that they can check it out tomorrow and that they should return for the day.

The Wilted Flower

After some time has passed, the two friends had explored much of the forest for themselves. In that time, Rena had gotten in touch with the forest fairies and Lua became very mystified by her friend's abilities. She was super impressed by Rena's ability to call for the spirits and getting them to help her do whatever she wanted. Lua and Rena then traveled to the nearby pond. However, Lua soon became sad since since a flower she had been caring for had wilted. Rena tried to revive the flower with the help of the forest fairies, but try as she might, she was unable to do it. Rena ended up causing herself to pass out to Lua's surprised concern.

Lua had taken Rena back to the village where she alerted Rena's parents, Lilia and Isilad. While Rena rested unconscious, Lua checked up on her best friend. Lilia told Lua that Rena would be alright and the spirits were taking care of her, but Lua was barely holding her tears feeling guilty that she was responsible for Rena condition. When Rena regained consciousness, Lua was overcome with joy, bursting into tears and jumping into Rena's arms.

Day at the Archery Grounds

Sometime after Rena had become Branwen's disciple, she took Lua to the village's archery training grounds. The two challenged each other with their archery skills. When Lua was about to fire her arrow, she suddenly became thrown off by a small creatures jumping out. The two slowly crept up to investigate and the found a small animal child, the creatures sniffed around before fleeing back into the forest. Lua, still a bit shaken, suggested that they head back home before anything scarier decided to show up.

Dreams for the Future

On the day of one of the village's festivals, after the two had their fill of food. They retreated to the pond by the Eldrasil. Looking off into the distance, the two noticed smoke rising in the distance. Reminded of that one day in their childhood, Lua asks Rena if she had ever thought about the future. While Rena was really unsure, Lua explained that she had one dream in mind, to journey the world alongside humans, to travel beyond the forest and befriend them. To help the people of the world. She wanted to go on an adventure, with Rena as her first companion.


One day when the two were older, darkness befell the Eldrasil. A dark monster attacked the two, Rena was unable to use the power of the spirits and was unable to do anything to save her friend.



  • In Europe, it is revealed that Lua is the cousin of Rena.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 루아 Lua
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 露亚 Lua
French Flag.png France Rua

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