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Joy Beryl

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Adoptive mother of Lithia, professional jewel appraiser, heiress of the Beryl Family, and a researcher into the phenomenon of the Rift.


Beryl Family

The last heiress of a once prominent Beryl Family line of magicians. Though her family once stood in a position of fame, their prior dealing with the Debrians caused the family's decline. After her parents passed, Joy remained the last of her lineage. Joy takes a professional occupation as a jewel appraiser and craftsman, however still practices and studies magics. Despite her successes, Joy never truly found a place she felt she belonged.

In secret, she was a researcher of the mysterious plane of Henir, whose studies involve the origins of the world. The the ultimate goal of her studies was to create the Rift, a direct path to the information she sought after.


Though she pursued her research into Henir, she was kind and compassionate. One day, she met a young homeless child, Lithia, and brought her in, adopting the child as one of her own. Teaching the child magic and fostering a loving home.

One day, Joy encounters a demon lurking in the woods near their mansion after his encounter with Lithia. Though the demon was cautious, Joy was fascinated by the presence of the man of an unknown race. The demon was unwilling to divest his name, so Joy decided to call him Felix from then on. Felix became the subject of Joy's study, and in time he too became precious part of this family of hers. Learning about the Demon Realm, Joy became enamored by such odd world, believe she'd fit better there, furthering her drive.

Joy kept her research and her family under wraps of the outside world, so as to not garner the suspicions of groups she knew would seek out what she was working on or discovered.

The Rift Incident

One day, Mathi and Lithia decided that they would conduct experiments using Joy's research to open the Rift themselves in order to impress her. By miraculous circumstance, they were successful in their attempt. They opened the Rift and monsters started to emerge, Lithia was also infected by the Rift's unstable energy. After Mathi ran to tell her and Felix what had happened, she rushed over to where everything had happened to find Lithia in a bad state. Unable to heal her by any normal means, she decided as a last resort to use a forbidden method of healing somebody, by transferring their life essence and taking on the burden herself. She taught Mathi this forbidden spell if such a dire situation were ever to occur again.

After that night, both Joy and Felix realized that they were now working on borrowed time as it became obvious to anybody in the village that some forbidden magic had come from the Beryl mansion that night. Knowing Joy would be arrested soon, the family began taking numerous trips to teach Lithia the skills she'd need to survive on her own.

Soon after the incident, authorities from Velder arrived at her doorstep and took her away under the influence of Henir's Order.


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South Korea 조이 Joy

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