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Rigomor Villager
Name Nichel
Race Garen
Role Rigomor Villager
Location Abandoned Icerite Plant, Glacial Land, Old Village Site
The villagers are precious to me, just as much as this place.

~ Nichel



A female Garen that was born after the war between Nous and Garens. She grew up in the Rigomor village.


Garen of Rigomor

Nichel was a Garen born in Rigomor, of few who remained loyal to the White-Ghost King Aegirp. After Winster decision to cease arms production at the Icerite Plant, their goal shifted towards reviving their previous lord and Nichel was chosen to act as their vessel once she grew strong enough. During this period, Nichel, being a Garen acted as the village's spy and would occasionally venture up to the surface to conduct espionage.

Chapter 38: Deal for Return

When Winster crash landed in the Trosh's Nest, he radioed Nichel to pick them up and help transport the submarine back to the village. When the El Search Party returned to Winster with the ship's engine, Nichel arrives to aid Winster. Winster introduces her to Steel Queen Luciela, Nichel being honored to make her acquaintance. Winster asks her check on the condition Icerite Plant, Nichel heads out ahead of them.

Chapter 39: Abandoned Icerite Plant

When the Winster and the rest arrive, Nichel reports to him that an above average quantity of monsters have begun taking nest in the plant. Winster decides to divide everybody into groups and delegates Nichel, alongside Rena, Eve, Elesis, and Laby to clean out the chimneys of the plant. She instructs the other ladies to start banging on the chimneys to startle the creature off and not cause real harm to them. Eve asks her about the murder of the Aegirp, she admits she only knows what Winster had told her, mentioning that Aegirp had been betrayed. Elesis noticing similarities to Lu's situation, suspecting a connection. Nichel goes on to tell them the Garen began to slaughter the Nous, with the few left as well as the remaining loyal Garen fleeing to Rigomor. Eve wonders how a war broke out based on Lu and Winster's accounts. Nichel possibly suspecting the divisive opinion of their trade policies with North Fluone being a potential cause. Laby asks if she hates Elrios, Nichel stating no opinion but notes that the older generation all harbored hatred towards Elrios in the past.

While clearing the chimneys, the monsters began swarming, to deal with it the group try to surround them and manage to chase them out of the vicinity, with little left, Nichel decides to finish the rest by herself while the other took a break and began to talk among themselves. After finishing, they all talk with each other, Nichel was asking Laby about how they had gotten to Rigomor, Laby asks about the outside Demon Realm, Nichel mentioning to them about the Garen taking reconnaissance operations of the surface. She admits she feels at home in Rigomor but is set on helping her fellow villager return to their homelands. Though feels she may stay down in Rigomor, seeing potential in the land, wanting to make is a suitable place to live. Rena is startled by a sound she hears come from below, she calls to the others. Nichel tries to contact Winsters but his communication device wasn't responding so they all descended down and ran into the Haivan's group. Together they all descended and helped Winster's group face off against the giant Frost Hermit. Haivan manages to create the key to the laboratory housing the portal and decides to head on ahead, suggesting Nichel and Winster return back to the village.

Chapter 40: Another Deal

Against Haivan wish, Winster decided to escort the El Search Party to the Titan's Grotto. Nichel finding Haivan's out of character for his usually lackadaisical self. When they arrived, they were shocked to see Haivan atop the titan. Haivan expressed his opposition to his father plans to revive the White-Ghost King and believes the future must be seized with their own power. Nichel disagrees with his belief, standing with the sacrifice and loss of the older villagers, something Haivan doesn't see eye to eye on. Haivan stops listening at he activates the titan at attack them. Nichel aids Winster behind the scenes as the El Search Party infiltrated the titan's body.

After the El Search Party managed to prevent the titan's core from imploding on itself, their celebration was short lived as Berthe stormed the facility. When it was revealed that Haivan was in cahoots with the traitorous demon, Nichel, just as Winster, was stunned in disbelief. When Add made the call to use the portal upon Winster's request, Nichel stood to oppose Berthe, slowing him down to allow the El Search Party to surround the portal. The portal was activated just as Berthe managed to push through Nichel, however he was too late, the El Search Party were unwillingly teleported out of the laboratory. Unfaltering, Nichel stood back up to hold Berthe off, hoping Winster could escape, however, Winster told her to stand down before Berthe swipes her away. Haivan tells Berthe to not waste his energy on them and leave with what they came for. Berthe and his minions take the portal technology and also take Winster with them, headed toward the demon capital.



  • Nichel's eyes, once she absorbs Aegirp's souls and coexists with Aegirp, switch colour depending on who is present. Gold when Aegirp is present and Blue when Nichel is present.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 니찰 Nichal

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