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Ciel's Sister
Full Name
Ciel's Sister
That's a promise brother.

~ Terre


Ciel's now deceased younger sister. In their youth, she adored the freshly baked cookies in Lanox but could not afford the expensive cookies. She and Ciel promised that one day they'd be rich and they could bake as many cookies as they wanted. However her life was cut short.


A Promise

She and her brother Ciel were close. Terre often adored the fancy cookies which lined the bakeries of Lanox. However, their family not being rich, they could not afford it. She and her brother promised that one day they'd become rich and bake as many cookies as they wanted. Unfortunately, they would not be able to fulfill their promise as Terre was among those who died when a gang murdered Ciel's family.


  • Terre means Earth in French in contrast to her brother Ciel, which means Sky in French.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 테르 Terre
China (Simplified Chinese) 特莉 Terre
France Tere Terre

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