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Velder Rebel Leader
Full Name
Velder Rebel Leader


The most powerful lord who is opposing the Velder Kingdom during the Velder civil war.


Velder Civil War

Sir Branderk was the leader of the rebel forces rebellion against the Velder Kingdom. Sir Branderk and his forces stationed a position in Glornir Plains, with only one direct path to the plains. Sir Branderk had heavy defenses stations on the one path, the Black Tiger Knights under Sir Corkus. With this strategic position, he prevented the Velder knights from advancing towards the plains as the surrounding area is filled with dense monster infested Marden Forest.

However, after the successful defeat of Sir Corkus, this staged a perfect opportunity to strike Branderk's fortress in Glornir Plains. With the primary leader of the rebellion defeated, the Velder Kingdom was able to squash the rebel forces and unify the kingdom once more.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 브란데르크 Branderk
China (Simplified Chinese) 布兰德尔克 Branderk

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