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Glitter Commander of White-Ghost Army
Name Sullen Joaquin
Role Glitter Commander of White-Ghost Army
Location Commercial Area 1, Southern Gate, Velder's Hallucination
Onwards to the next experiment.

~ Joaquin



The Glitter Army's head alchemist.


Chapter 11: Kingdom in captivity

Joaquin was responsible for the creation of Buzz Drink, a special kind of Vigor Potion which brought back soldiers from the dead and amplified their will to fight tirelessly. Needing to stop and reverse the potion's affect, the Velder forces and El Search Party hunted Joaquin down at Commercial Area 1. The group were able to retrieve the notes listing the potion's composition, but Joaquin was able to escape.

During the surprise attack at Southern Gate, Joaquin as well as all the other Glitter Commanders was stationed to take out anybody trying to escape the city. He was too defeated at the last checkpoint but made his escape once more.

Velder's Hallucination

Despite being defeated, Joaquin still had one final trick up his sleeve. While the El Search Party were on a mission investigating Glitters at Hope Bridge, Joquin was ready with a unique form of potions which causes hallucinations. The potion send the group into a dream scape of Joaquin's own creation. The group were able to brave through the nightmare and confronted Joaquin in his own hallucinated world. Defeating him, the group were able to break out of the illusion.

Mini Boss: Sullen Joaquin

Joaquin's appearance

Joaquin will appear in Commercial Area 1 and Southern Gate as the dungeon's mini boss.


  • Toss Chemicals: The Pyromaniac Alchemist tosses all varieties of potions (that the normal Velder Alchemist tosses) that cover a large area at one time.
  • Heal Chemical: The Pyromaniac Alchemist drops some life-powder that gives a certain large area recovery rate. (Yourself and Enemies)
  • Combustion: The Pyromaniac Alchemist tosses black powder in the air and causes it to explode.
  • Pyromania Mode: The Pyromaniac starts running around, spreading gaseous kerosene. He then laughs crazily and causes where the kerosene spread to explode.

Boss: Joaquin's Hallucination

Joaquin will appear in Velder's Hallucination as the dungeon's boss.


  • Magic Shield: Joaquin will set up a shield that will drastically reduce all damage taken while drinking his potion to recover his health at an alarming rate.
  • Hallucination: When you are in a party, Joaquin will randomly debuff one of the characters in your group. All attacks that the debuffed character makes will damage their teammates as well, including Special Actives. It is very possible to kill your own teammates while you are suffering from the debuff's effects.
  • Dwarf Potion: Joaquin will drink a potion and after flexing, he will release ghosts in all directions from his body, potentially dealing high damage. Joaquin will be minimized, therefore reducing his hitbox and making attacks difficult to use. Additionally he will gain super armor, 100% critical rate buff, and he will not possess a collision hitbox causing players to pass through him for the duration. This skill lasts for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Thunderstorm: Joaquin will release several clouds in the air which will regularly shoot lightning at intervals, an electric effect will appear in the clouds over the player if this has targeted them. This move can be avoided if you move far away.
  • Thunder: Joaquin can create smaller clouds in the air that will shoot a single bolt of lightning that can inflict status ailments such as Curse, Burn, Poison, Confusion, and Slow.
  • Puppet Summoning: Joaquin will occasionally spawn Puppet Stones to distract and attack you.
  • Zombie Summoning: Joaquin will occasionally create Zombie Glitter Graves at both ends of the map to spawn Zombie Glitters to slow you down.
  • Building Crash: Throughout the battle, Joaquin will repeatedly create large portals in the air that will create buildings from the background and have them crash into the ground. These buildings will do damage and will act as large barricades to limit you from moving around the stage.
  • Combustion: Joaquin can still use his old move where he toss black powder around him and ignite them to create an explosion.
  • Potion Fling: In the same style as the Arc Glitter Alchemists, Joaquin will throw a potion at you to create a cloud that can inflict status ailments such as Curse, Burn, Poison, Confusion, and Slow.


  • After drinking Buzz Drink, you will not fall asleep, and your physical strength will be increased by 3 times. But in the second day, you will have dementia.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 음침한 호아킨 Dismal Joaquin
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 阴险的霍亚金 Sinister Joaquin
Spanish Flag.png Spain Piromaro tenebroso Dark Pyromar
French Flag.png France Pyromar le ténébreux Dark Pyromar

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