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Lanox Village Accessory Merchant
Name Ember Ryota
Race Human
Role Lanox Village Accessory Merchant
Location Lanox Village, Treasure Hunter
Age 15
Height 155 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Weight 45 kg (99 lb)
Blood Type O
Ehem, there's nothing that I, the Great Thief Ember, cannot steal!

~ Ryota


Official Description[edit]

The fifteen-year old accessory trader hates junk and starving, and only has eyes for shiny and expensive-looking things. A self-proclaimed "Famous Thief", this treasure hunter from Sander seems to be selling valuables from out of nowhere. Is Ryota a he or a she? No one really knows.


Originally from Sander, Ember Ryota has made a name for themselves, as well as naming themself a "Famous Thief". Not much is really known about their past, but they made their way this far from their thievery. They set up shop in Lanox where they sells whatever accessories they have, most likely stolen from here and there.

Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 앰버 료타 Ember Ryota
Japanese Flag.png Japan アンバー Amber
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 艾梅柏亮太 Ember Ryota
German Flag.png Germany Bernie Stein
Spanish Flag.png Spain Bernie Piedro Bernie Stone
French Flag.png France Bernie Stein
Italian Flag.png Italy Ember Stone
Polish Flag.png Poland Bursztynek Amber

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