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Rigomor Chief
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Rigomor Chief
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권성혁 (Kwon Sunghyuk)
Haha. As long as I witnessed the return of my lord before my dying breath, that was enough.

~ Winster


A servant of Aegirp and the White-Ghost Army, the supervisor of the Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel and leader of the rebel group of seeking to reclaim their land. He is a Nous, a species of human like demons with animal traits.


White-Ghost Dispute

A proud subordinate of the White-Ghost King Aegirp, Winster was loyal to his leader well and into the era where the Demon Realm began to descend into political chaos. In an attempt to evade being assassinated, Aegirp split her soul into fragments to be reassembled and entrusted the location of individual fragments to her loyal subordinates, Winster being one such. When it became known that the Garens under her rule had decided to rebel and subjugate the Nous, Winster took the remaining of his race and they fled to the location of his soul fragment, on the seafloor in Rigomor.

Settlement of Rigomor

Winster and his fellow Nous took refuge in the air pocked of Rigomor which was too home to the mysterious lab home to the ancient portal which Aegirp had discovered. The seafloor was quite barren and surviving was difficult, however they managed to create a valid source of power to run their operations and the form of the Icerite ore found in the region. After moving to Rigomor, Winster had a child, Haivan. Holding a grudge against the Garen that betrayed them, the Nous created the Icerite Plant in order to manufacture weapons to stage an attack on the surface and they created a tunnel to act as a bridge for when they needed to reach the surface. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that the extraction of energy from Icerite also created lethal toxins which lead to the permanent closure of the plant and shift to alternative methods to survive. With their main power source no longer being a viable option, Winster pushed for them to instead aim to revive their fallen lord and eventually found a Rigomor born Garen, Nichel, who would be willing to take on the role of Aegirp's vessel when she became strong enough.

Chapter 37: Unexpected Meeting

While closing on the tunnels to do routine inspections, Winster noticed lifeforms and was quick to realize that one of them was Steel Queen Luciela. While he was originally tempted to destroy the entire tunnel, he decided to seize the opportunity on the hopes to get the former Demon Lord on his side. He meets the El Search Party feigning ignorance of Luciela's identity, the group were wary of him until Laby mentions Winster's longtime friend Calonne. Winster tells them of the situation regarding the Garen and Nous as well as the betrayal of his lord.

Chapter 38: Deal for Return

Seeking to take their conversation elsewhere, Winster invites the El Search Party to his village, Add is reluctant to accept the offer and Elsword admits they need to prioritize returning to Elrios. The El Search Party contemplate concerns return to Elrios and Aisha asks Winster if he knew anything about the portals the Demons used to invade Elrios. While Winster knew not of the invasion, but offers to transport them to the surface if they hear their village plea. The group accepts and Winster takes they out of the tunnel with his submarine. The number of passengers exceeded the vehicles capacity and the ship failed to sail through the rough currents, forcing Winster to make an emergency landing in the Trosh's Nest. The local Trosh steal the engine of the vehicle and Winsters tasks the El Search Party to retrieve it, with the condition they do no harm to the Trosh, as he contacts the village.

When the El Search Party returned alongside his son Winster, they had retrieved the engine and kept true to Winter's conditions. Winster drops his facade and bows to Lu now that he feels he could trust her. Winster asks of Lu to aid them in the resurrection of Aegirp, to act as the vessel to contain her soul. Lu agrees, as Aegirp was the lord she had hoped to ally with. Winster reveals to them that the White-Ghost Army were capable of creating portals with the help of Dark El energy within Mystic Stones and the technology they had discovered but laments they do not have the resources in Rigomor. He and Laby mention the trading of Mystic Stones in North Fluone under Aegirp's reign. Add wonders if they had even a proto-type that would be of use to them, Winster admitted they do, though before any deal could be made, Eve requested to see the portal for herself. Nichel arrives to help them out, but Winsters tells her to inspect the Abandoned Icerite Plant ahead of them.

Chapter 39: Abandonded Icerite Plant

Winster takes everybody to the Abandoned Icerite Plant instructing them that they need to create a device which will grant them access to the laboratory where the portal is being held. Nichel meets up with them with news that the upper floors are infested with wildlife and Winster delegates everybody split up to fix up the plant. Winster, Chung, Lu, Ciel, Rose, Zero, and Ain go the bottom floor of the plant where they deal with the monsters who've taken nest in the area as they mine for icerite. Rose is curious about the creatures, Winster informing that they've adapted or mutated due to the icerite. As they mined, Lu expressed curiosity of their trade with North Fluone, wondering if any of the other lords knew of her pursuits. Winster believing not due to the portal being something that could be abused. Winster himself reveals that he was initially against the idea of trade as well due to an inherent hatred for Elrios born in demons, however Aegirp swayed his thinking.

Zero became curious about the plant itself, Winster reveals to them its original purpose, which was a weapon's manufacturing plant for their revenge against the Garen that betrayed them however tells them of the incident which lead him to close the plant. Learning of this Chung asks if anybody had entered their tunnel before, Winster noting a child long ago, however since, he's upgraded the tunnel's security with the icerite robots. He is thankful the El Search Party were friendly when they did appear, mentioning that he had recently heard Ran was working with the Garen. Chung asks if he knew anything of his father, but Winster knew not, but speculates he might be among the troops Ran has been shuffling around. Lu notices that he knew of recent events on the surface, causing Winster to inform them of a base they have established on the surface where they have Garen spies set, informing them of their prior ongoing plan to locate Aegirp's soul fragments and have Nichel act as the vessel, he mentions that Calonne as one privy to the location of a fragment. Winster remains hopeful that even with their current lack of information, he may see his lord again and is thankful for the El Search Party allying with them.

A giant Frost Hermit awakens, the rumblings queued everybody to gather in the underground of the plant where they faced off against the monster, Winster demanding they protect the machines. After the beast was defeated, Ara notices that Haivan was missing, Winster was worried his son may have been caught up in the attack but was thankful to learn he was alright and had gone to produce the key while the group were combating the Frost Hermit. Haivan suggests to his father to leave the rest to him and take Nichel back to the village as he leaves off to the laboratory, however Winster felt the occasion too important to no go himself as well.

Chapter 40: Another Deal

Winster leads the El Search Party to the laboratory where he is surprised to see his son atop the machine. Haivan uses the Mystic Stone Eve had brought to power up the Titan within the lab, Winster was in shock with what his son was doing. Haivan lectures them that the future must be taken into their own hands and his rejection of his father's plan to revive the White-Ghost King. In a dire situation the group need to stop Haivan, Winster providing Add with a communication device while he worked from the outside to help them infiltrate the Titan. Winster guides them in as they deal with the Titan from the inside, however in a desperate final act, Haivan causes the core to overload, suggesting they have to destroy it now. He also suggested to Add the possibility to using the portal now and preserve hope for another day, a decision Add held on as a last resort. Fortunately the group managed to stop the core from overloading, however they party was cut short when Berthe and his forces suddenly appeared.

Winster was desperate to tell his son to run away, but Haivan reveals that he was cooperating with Berthe and gave over Aegirp's soul fragment and the portal technology to secure his place as the White-Ghost Army's head portal technician. Winster was appalled by his son's decision and blamed Berthe for what he did to his son. Winster expressed his hatred toward Bethe, being the one to betray their lord. Elsword attempted to take on Berthe but the demon had become more powerful since they last met, having absorbed one of Aegirp's soul fragments on top of the El Search Party's fatigued status. With their option limited, Winster and Add decided on their last resort. After Add gathered the party beside the portal, Winster activated it. As the El Search Party floated into the light, Winster apologized to them for his decision and hopes that they keep their promise.

After the El Search Party disappear into the light, Nichel attempted to go against Berthe. Winster attempts to stop her but she is quickly pushed aside by Berthe. Haivan suggests to leave them be and leave, but Berthe orders that Winster too be taken. Captured by the demons, Winster is taken by Berthe to the demon capital.

Chapter 46: Second Soul Fragment

For a time, Winster was held prisoner and held hostage by the White-Ghost Army, made to aid their engineering projects under heavy surveillance. However one day, things seemed to line up perfectly for him to make an escape, and he took it. In reality, this perfect opportunity was orchestrated by his son, Haivan. Following the trail away from the White-Ghost Castle, Winster makes it to the mountains outside of the capital city.

As he arrived to the ends of a train track, a trained pulled in. The El Search Party stepped out of the vehicle, just having been tricked by Haivan, and send away from the capital. Winster is startled to see them just as they were for him. Raven inquires what he was doing here, Winster mentions he just found a perfect opportunity to make his escape and took it. Lu mentioning they were on route to the capital due to his messages. Winster is alarmed because he was unable to make any such messages while he was imprisoned, Ain then deduces they were likely set up by Haivan. Connecting all the dots, even Winster suspects Haivan had been responsible for all the seeming coincidences leading up to this point, including his own escape. Winster tells the El Search Party the demons were on the final stage of preparing the portal and were only waiting to obtain the rest of the soul fragments. With the souls currently on route to Berthe, they only had one option, neutralize the portal now.

Winster remains sorrowful but also confused as Haivan's actions, not even able to comprehend what his true intentions may be. Nichel sharing the same confusion urges they seek Haivan themselves and find out the truth.

Chapter 47: End of Long Standing Enmity

Arriving at the foot of the White-Ghost Castle, they are greeted by Haivan. Winster pleads to his son, wanting to know what he wants, he expresses regret for forcing upon him his own goals of reviving the White-Ghost King. Winster knows his son is cleaver, and rationalizes that there must be some big goal in his current actions. He apologizes for not listening to him in the past and pleads that he stop what he is doing. Haivan hesitates, struck by his father's apology, but the alarms suddenly ring, and Haivan is quick to return to furthering his current plan. Winster tries to reach out to his son, but Ara holds the father back from rushing into danger.

Needing to head to the portal, Winster points them toward its location but they were started to get surrounding by incoming troops, fortunately his sister-in-law, Asella appeared with the Aurora troops to fend of the White-Ghost Army. Inside the castle, Hadron breaks through the hordes to take of the El Search Party, Winster finds the soldier familiar but cannot put his finger on it, suddently Deborah appears out of a portal, asserting that Hadron was one of her men. Calonne radios in, Winster was pleased to hear his long lost friend and wondered how they arrived in the perfect time, turned out it was by pure coincidence.

With Hadron distracted, they approach the gate to the portal but the floor suddenly descends down, revealing a vast arsenal of Iserlohn weaponry. Haivan appears before them, finally revealing his plan to reunite the White-Ghost King's souls inside Berthe and have them destroy themselves, bringing the end to the White-Ghost King's era. Winster pleas to his son the regrets of his blind path of vengeance and his narrow set goals all in the name of the White-Ghost King. Haivan lashes out at his father for belittling his own accomplishments in uniting the Garen and getting them as far as they had. Haivan expresses that they've lumped their own achievements to the White-Ghost King for too long, and they should embrace what they can achieve on their own. Winster is taken back by his son's words. Haivan is prepared to make sure his plan goes through and prepares to fight them off to keep them from interfering.

After Haivan was defeated, he concedes defeat and with Nichel's convincing, does not protest the El Search Party's attempt to save the White-Ghost King. While the El Search Party confronted Berthe, Nichel and Winster radioed with Asella and Deborah about managing the remaining White-Ghost Army before communications suddenly died out. Haivan began to panic, realizing something was off, Winster observed the surroundings and felt Aegirp's power emanating from the barrier now surrounding the castle. Haivan quickly demands they all go seek out the El Search Party for help. Meeting together against the Annihilator, Haivan devices a plan to sacrifice himself to absorb the White-Ghost King's soul, Winster protests the plan, but Haivan insists it is their best course of action. Nichel too refuses, stating she was do it herself. Winster too protests the prospect of losing Nichel, but she insists she has no plan of sacrificing herself, instead believing she could convince the coexist with the White-Ghost King.

As the dust settled, and Nichel walked from the mist, now with the reborn Aegirp within her. Winster approaches his lord curious of Nichel's status, which Aegirp assures him the child is safe, merely stepping back to let her say her words. When Haivan approached Aegirp assert the wraith release Nichel's body, Winster comes to scold his son while his sister-in-law come to break up the conflict.



  • Winster makes passing mention of his wife in Abandoned Icerite Plant, simply noting that she was too a technician.
    • Asella is his sister-in-law, the younger sister of his wife.

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South Korea 윈스터 Winster
China (Simplified Chinese) 温斯特 Winster

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