Chacha Buch

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Bethma Village's Alchemist
Name Chacha Buch
NPC Role Bethma Village's Alchemist
Location Bethma Village
BuchBuchBuchBuch... My, I just nodded off! I am Chacha Buch, an alchemist.

~ Chacha Buch

Chacha Buch

Official Description

A Lizardman who resides in Bethma Village. This old Shaman's crafts have a tribal flavor to them, as do the potions he sells. Contrary to his looks, he doesn't bite (probably). He is also Vapor's colleague.


Chapter 5: The uprising problem of Bethma

A Lizardman shaman, he is a childhood friend of the Bethma Lake Lizardman Chief Berauk. After the events of Dragon Road, Lizardmen had mention Chacha Buch and Elder Berauk. Chacha Buch set the El Search Party out to check on his old friend. To his surprise, Berauk was hostile towards the adventurers. Unwilling to believe his childhood friend would willfully act with such hostility, he sends the adventurers to see if the Lizardmen were being controlled. It turned out that the Lizardmen were under the influence of Hypnosis Stones but Chacha Buch requests to be escorted to encounter his childhood friend. Encountering his friend, Berauk only spat out senseless murmurs of killing. Chacha Buch was convinced this was the work of a Dark Shaman that was banished from Bethma Lakes, Kayak the Shadow Shaman. Knowing that Kayak would act during the night, Chacha Buch requests the El Search Party to investigate Bethma Lake once more during the night. To everyone's surprise, Kayak was using necromancy to revive fallen Lizardmen and Chacha Buch tells the El Search Party to take out the Shadow Warrior who is guarding the Shadow Shaman. Defeating the Shadow Warriors, Chacha Buch took the map pieces they all held and discovered Kayak's hiding place in the Dragon Nest. Knowing of Kayak's growing power, he fears that the Shadow Shaman may revive the Dragon of Dragon Nest. Desperate to save the controlled Lizardmen, especially his friend Berauk, Chacha Buch requires the knowledge of Kayak's spells to reverse their effects. However, his efforts were for naught, as the spell that Kayak used consumed Berauk's soul. Broken hearted, Chacha Buch agreed that it is best to lay Berauk's soul to rest. Saddened by the loss of his friend, Chacha Buch looked to the bright side that they stopped Kayak and saved as many Lizardmen as they could.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 차차부크 Chacha Buch
German Flag.png Germany Chachabuk Chacha Buch
Spanish Flag.png Spain Chacabuch Chaca Buch
French Flag.png France Chachabuk Chacha Buch
Italian Flag.png Italy Chachabuck Chacha Buch
Polish Flag.png Poland Czaczabuk Chachabuk
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