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A demon hailing from the Dark Lands of the Demon Realm who one day appeared out of the Rift. A father figure to Lithia during her childhood.


Life Beyond the Rift

A fugitive fleeing the Demon Realm, the demon stepped through a portal which took him to Elrios, unfortunately the exit of the portal was above the sea which he fell into.

Stranded in Elrios, he eventually hid in the forest and scavenged to get by, though he remained constantly cautious of good from this new world. One day, he encountered Lithia and tried to threaten to girl to give him some food. Though his plan backfired when Joy returned with his food instead of the girl. The demon was cautious around the woman but was alarmed to find she was infinitely curious of the foreign man. Unwilling to divest his identity, Joy gave him the name Felix which he'd adopt for the time. Eventually, Felix became a subject of her study though overtime became a precious companion and member of her family.

Felix would teach Mathi and Lithia some of his magic, mostly party tricks, though some others were powerful and dangerous.

The Rift Incident

After Lithia and Mathi successfully opened the Rift and were attacked by the monster which came out of it, Mathi ran to the Beryl mansion to seek help for Lithia who was gravely injured and infected by Henir. Felix responded to Mathi's call and after being told the situation, Felix decided he'd try to stop the monster which had ran downhill toward the village while telling Mathi to seek Joy in the backyard to tend to Lithia.

A Broken Family

After that night, both Joy and Felix realized that they were now working on borrowed time as it became obvious to anybody in the village that some forbidden magic had come from the Beryl mansion that night. Knowing Joy would be arrested soon, the family began taking numerous trips to teach Lithia the skills she'd need to survive on her own.

After Joy was taken away by soldiers from Velder. All that remained of the household were Felix and Lithia. He raised her from then on by himself, though the sadness from Joy's absence never went away. Lithia felt responsible for Joy's absence, so Felix did his best to keep her mind off the tragedy, showing her novel and jovial magics. One day, in an attempt to cheer up, Felix gave her a necklace that Joy had given to him, which he'd planned to give to Lithia when she'd grown older, but decided to do so now. It was a necklace made of a fragment of the Sun El.

Years passed and eventually, Lithia had grown and was able to fend for herself. Felix saw himself as a shackle, not being able to reveal himself to the world, he noticed that Lithia had shut herself from other humans as well. Wishing for her to integrate back into human society, the two agreed to part ways.


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South Korea 펠릭스 Felix

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