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Demon Commander
Full Name
Demon Commander
Voice Actors
정혜원 (Jung Hye-won)


A Demon Commander working under Ran. He was stationed in the mines of Varnimyr to gather mystic stones.


Chapter 36: The Master of the Crimson Eye

Nero was stationed in the Shadow Vein by Ran in order to mine Mystic Stones for his operations. The El Search Party appeared and began to take out some of Nero's workers when they were tipped off to head to the mines. Nero confronts the ruffians but Add dismisses him for his childish appearance and timid demeanor. Nero proclaims himself was Ran's right-hand man and tells them not to underestimate him. Ara is shocked to hear he is a subordinate of Ran but Nero quickly realizes he wasn't supposed to divulge that information. The commander prepares himself to capture the El Search Party, but is soon cornered. In a moment of desperation, Nero distracts the party and flees, but not before smashing the ground with his hammer. This causes the area beneath the El Search Party to collapse, sending them deep into the Dark Agate's chamber.



  • Fittingly, Nero's clothes bear a resemblance to the Shadow demons from both Hamel and Shadow Vein to signify his allegiance to Ran.
  • Nero's name literally means "black" in Italian.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 네로 Nero
China (Simplified Chinese) 尼禄 Nero

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