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Henir's Order Member
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Henir's Order Member

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A member of Henir's Order conducting research on the Rift and one of the individuals in charge of enacting plans to sow discord around Elrios after the El's restoration to further the order's agenda.


Elrianode Preparations

The Society Member acting in the interests of Henir's Order made contact with the Duke of Velder, Laudius and developed a plan to stage and invasion of Elrianode to reclaim the Large El. To this end, the Society Member was in charge of instigating various incidents across Elrios in order to sow discord and blame the happenings on Elemental Els having been taken away.

In additional to their misinformation campaign, the Society Member came into contact with Lithia for a contract job to set up scouting beacon in Elrianode.

Signal of the Festival

When the Order's plan to galvanize the people of Velder into supporting a nationalistic war effort against Elrianode neared its stage, the Society Member was present in person to discuss the operation with Laudius. Though Vera did make it to Velder and was to give a speech, the girl was unwilling to stick to the script they'd planned. They decided to fall back onto a backup plan, creating another incident which they could blame on the missing Earth El. Though their discussions were cut short when soldiers of the castle notice an intruder.

Excuse and Blame

The Society Member and Laudius arrive to the Harmony Festival grounds just as Lithia managed to free Vera of the tampered brooch. However, a Velder Commander approached the brooch and inadvertently transformed into a Henir corrupted monster. With the situation going out of hand, the two retreat, the Society Member heading toward their research base in Feita.

That's the Story

Lithia infiltrates the Society Research Facility and faces off against the Society Member. Though Lithia fights ruthlessly, the Society Member remains composed and calculated. Lithia mentions the Rift Joy. The member is surprised to learn Joy had family, admitting that they were the ones who apprehended her. Backed at the end of the line beside the incomplete portal generator, Lithia says she knows how to open the Rift, but the member doesn't believe her bluff. Though Lithia didn't know for sure, she deduced Joyfulite was produced from impure Chrysona, and with that was the key to opening the Rift. The member of mesmerized by the solution to the problem that had been stumping them for so long, as well as being enamored and entranced by the Rift itself. Space begins to collapse on itself as matter is pulled into the Rift, the member embracing it with open arms.

Beyond the Rift

After Lithia and herself were pulled into the Rift, the two lied in a chaotic space, but miraculously they landed in a place that was stable for them to exist. The Society Member suspected that something must be protecting the girl.

With nothing else to do, as they were seemingly trapped in Henir, she and Lithia talked. She was very forthcoming about being a member of Henir's Order, even to provide a brief overview of their motivations, not to worship, but to follow the truth and reveal the veil of lies shrouding their world. Encouraging Lithia to try and deconstruct her view of the world and awaken to a greater purpose. Lithia commenting how similar those words were to that of Joy's.

As time dragged on, the members suspicion about something protecting the girl increased as Lithia appeared to be unaffected by hunger of thirst. Now she was confident some force was protecting the girl. Lithia shows some worry for her only companion in this space, but the Society Member decides it was time for them to part ways, saying she seeks the daughter of someone she says became "great" before herself. She bids farewell and leaves on her own.


Alternative Names

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South Korea 학파원 Society Member

  • Lithia
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  • Laby
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