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Sander Village's Weapon Shop
Name Dafarr
Race Human
Role Sander Village's Weapon Shop
Location Sander Village
Ahem!! All the best bargains and deals... and we have the lowest price in Sander! Take your pick!!

~ Dafarr


Official Description

It is disappointing for many to find out Dafarr can be such a huge bluff, but this trait of his leads to an unbelievable 90% success rate in sales. He acquires items from unknown weapon makers and boasts as if he makes them himself. Despise him all you want, but with his discerning eyes, he still deserves the recognition of weapons expert.


Dafarr is a greedy weapon merchant in the village of Sander. An experienced merchant of the desert, he is cunning manipulative and perceptive to the demand of his line of work. He doesn't care much other than to optimize his profit from adventurers passing by.



Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 다파르 Dafarr
Japanese Flag.png Japan ダファル Dafarr
German Flag.png Germany Jafar Dafarr
Spanish Flag.png Spain Dafar Dafarr
Italian Flag.png Italy Rafarr Dafarr


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