Lord of Pain Valak

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Information: This page features an Epic NPC, they are not playable nor can they be unlocked. More info can be found here.
Lord of Pain
Full Name
Reckless Fist
Human (Possessed)
Lord of Pain
"I will make you feel pain! You are only worthy to say my name when you have defeated me."

Lord of Pain Valak


Valak roamed around Velder in his heavy armor. In fact, we don't think he takes it off when he showers. He believed everyone was jealous of his powers and keeps it on in order to protect himself if he's ever ambushed. The demon that bonded into the armor has taken over his true personality. His armor can be damaged but his claw can still tear enemies apart. One day, he encountered Edan in the forest and they fought day and night. No one dared enter the forest until the clashing sound of swords stopped. Now... there is a search party looking for Colonel Edan.

Combo Modifications

Valak has access to all of the Reckless Fist combos with the following modifications:

  1. Reckless Fist's ZZZX will launch the enemy and cause Wound.


Class: Reckless Fist

Rank: /

Difficulty: ★★★★★


Icon Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Painkiller Kill Lord of Pain Valak (Reckless Fist Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Valak 60 times in PVP Damage Reduction +10%
Damage increased by 1.5 times to enemies in down state (Dungeon)
5% chance to gain 7 MP when hit


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
Increased Mana Regeneration Passive N/A Like all NPCs, Valak benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate (4 MP/s). All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
Awakening Passive N/A Valak can activate Awakening under 50% HP. Valak's awakening will significantly improve the damage of Wild Charge.
Roar Special Active N/A Valak unleashes a mighty roar that manifests itself as a blue aura that rapidly travels across the entire map. Valak will only use this skill if you have been outside of his vision for some time (prevents charging MP off-screen). He will stay still, wait for you, and if you do not come, he will Roar. This skill will instantly take away 33% of your HP and 400 MP upon contact. Will hit the entire map, but can be dodged with a well-timed special active
Scar of Pain Passive N/A Valak's basic attacks and actives ignore 100% of the target's defense. This passive essentially gives Valak the strongest combos of any Epic NPC; for this reason, it is essential for players to mana break immediately when they are caught in Valak's combo.
Counter Chance Passive N/A When Valak falls down, he can tap X to sweep his sword in a broad sweeping motion that does not knockdown. Valak will use this skill while you are close by after every knockdown; be careful, because he was extremely high attack speed and can activate his counter chance very quickly.
Spiritualised Fury Passive 5 Seconds Valak can activate awakening repeatedly. This skill gives Valak the unique ability to awaken more than once, unlike any other NPCs, as NPC awakenings tend to be permanent. However, Valak's AI does not use this ability very frequently; nor do NPCs tend to use awakening offensively in general.
Weapon Crash Active 10 Seconds Valak crushes his opponent's weapon with his claw, reducing their damage by 50% for 10 seconds. Valak retains the original Weapon Break, making his damage reduction much stronger than Over Taker's. Valak will only use this active as part of his combo.
Shadow Step Active 5 Seconds Valak will thrust during Shadow Step, dealing heavy damage to anyone he pierces.
Ground Impact Active 7 Seconds Valak smashes the ground with his claw, creating a small quake that launches opponents into the air. Valak will only use this active as part of his combo.
Gigantic Charged Bolt Special Active 7 Seconds Valak surrounds himself with a black sphere that sends out piercing black needles all around him.
Valkyrie's Javelin Special Active 10 Seconds Valak jumps into the air, summoning a number of black javelins that crash onto the ground and explode. Valak does not have as much delay executing this skill, permitting him to combo immediately after while you are thrown into the air.
Wild Charge Special Active 10 Seconds Valak unleashes a devastatingly strong punch. Valak charges Wild Charge immediately, unleashing full damage without any delay. For this reason, he never needs to charge Wild Charge. The range is shorter than the original.
Nuclear Special Active 30 Seconds Valak summons a Nuclear Missile in front of him, creating a giant mushroom cloud that obliterates everything caught in it. Uses an old version of Nuclear, and much weaker than the Over Taker equivalent of Nuclear.
X Crash Special Active 7 Seconds Valak draws an X in the air using his claw that causes explosions.
Maximum Cannon Special Active 7 Seconds Valak hits the enemy multiple times with a fireball.


Icon Equipment Type Where to obtain Modifications
Evil Tracer - Spriggan Hair (Raven) Costume Hair Ice Burner No modifications added.
Evil Tracer - Spriggan Top Piece (Raven) Costume Top Piece Ice Burner No modifications added.
Evil Tracer - Spriggan Bottom Piece (Raven) Costume Bottom Piece Ice Burner No modifications added.
Evil Tracer - Spriggan Gloves (Raven) Costume Gloves Ice Burner No modifications added.
Evil Tracer - Spriggan Shoes (Raven) Costume Shoes Ice Burner No modifications added.
Evil Tracer - Spriggan Blade (Raven) Costume Weapon Ice Burner It has a modified flat back handle (as of recent patches, it has reverted back into that of a normal Evil Tracer Blade).
Evil Tracer Mask (Raven) Face Accessory (Middle) Ice Burner No modifications added.
Archdevil's Wing (Raven) Accessory (Top Piece) Ice Burner It has a recolored texture to fit in with Valak's armor and unlike a normal Archdevil's Wing, it'll stay in an "Open State" even when not in Awakening Mode.
Evil Dominator (Raven) Accessory (Arm) Ice Burner No modifications added.


Valak's passive "Scar of Pain" makes him a huge threat. Compounded to that, he is able to roar, forcing you to stay within his range. Catch him or die.

Valak's skills do not pose as much threat as his combos. He will spam Valkyrie's Javelin mindlessly even if you are on a platform below him. He also likes to use Charged Bolt, however due to its size it is likely you won't get the full damage as you are knocked out of it.

Avoid hitting Valak when he is in the air, he will always retaliate faster than you can react.

  • *UPDATE* Sakra Devanam can catch both raven NPCs with her counter skill because it neither knocks up (Elsword classes) nor knocks down (Elesis Grand Master). Simply knock down using any move then use counter before they do their "x" get up attack.




  • Valak was once the Royal Knight of Velder, under Noah's team.
  • When fighting Spriggan, Valak was able to obtain Spriggan's armor. However, the armor was cursed, controlling Valak and leaving him in a state of extreme eternal pain.
  • The cursed armor caused him to develop a hatred of the world, believing that everyone should feel the same pain as him.
  • His attacks, which can pierce all defenses, are called the "Scar of Pain". With this power, he became the Lord of Pain.
  • Valak has a deep desire for a rematch with Edan, who were rivals prior to the two of them becoming cursed. Edan and Valak had agreed to fight, but Edan disappeared due to the curse of his sword. Valak has a desire to find his old friend to continue the battle.
    • He joins the arena to fight Edan, who agrees to meet him there.
  • The Evil Tracer Ice burner set (Raven), is the outfit Valak wears, though the weapon is modified, along with recolored Archdevil wings that are in their "open" state.
    • As of recent patches, Valak's modified weapon has reverted into that of a normal Evil Tracer Blade (Raven).
  • Reckless Fist's modified combo was originally exclusive to Valak before it was added during the August 6, 2015 update in the Korean server. Valak's version does not include the additional Nasod spikes, launches, and inflicts Wound.
  • With a full Mysterious Aspirations set. Mysterious Aspirations of Monarch Valak can be randomly summoned in dungeons and fields while attacking. When summoned, he will say Nuclear and do one of five possible attacks:

Possible Skills

Icon Skill Description
Falling Stone Valak will be summoned to drop a rock, dealing minimal damage.
Failed Nuclear Valak will be summoned to drop a Nuclear Missile in front of him, but the missile will not detonate, dealing minimal damage.
Nuclear Valak will be summoned to drop a Nuclear Missile in front of him, creating a mushroom cloud to damage all surrounding enemies.
Heaven's Fist - Abandoned Valak will be summoned to drop Bizarre Conrad's Heaven's Fist, which will flatten enemies.
Artillery Strike - Quantum Ballista Valak will be summoned to drop a Quantum Ballista to deal high damage to all surrounding enemies. The missile will have a tendency to fall through the floor.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 고통의 군주 발락 Lord of Pain Valak
Japan 苦痛の君主 バラック Lord of Pain Valak
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 痛苦君主 巴拉克 Lord of Pain Valak
China (Simplified Chinese) 痛苦的君主 巴拉克 Lord of Pain Valak
Spain Balzac, El Príncipe del Dolor Balzac/Valak, The Prince of Pain
France Barzack, prince de la souffrance Prince of Pain Valak

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