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A.I. of Adrian Nasod
Full Name
Adrian Nasod Alter Ego
A.I. of Adrian Nasod


A refurbished Nasod Unit from the ruins of Altera which was installed with an A.I. of a young Adrian Nasod with a reversed personality.



Adrian Nasod Alter Ego was originally developed as an AI companion and assistant to the original Adrian Nasod. Replicating his consciousness into data, he manipulated it to bear a differing personality to his own. Prior to Adam's completion, Alter Ego was locked away in secrecy by Adrian in order to keep his likeness from falling into the wrong hands. It had been stored in a special chip which had been forbidden by Nasods without Adrian's own express permission.

Centuries later after the Nasod War had long since been waged and the Nasods in Elrios practically ceasing to be, an awakened Eve discovers Alter Ego's chip while scavenging the ruins of Altera. While initially reluctant to access the code due to it being off limits, her emotional judgment ruled against the judgment and she manages to repair a simple scout Nasod and install the chip into it. The chip reveals itself as Adrian Nasod Alter Ego to Eve. Learning of the current situation, Alter Ego with great charisma offer his assistance.

Alter Ego explains why he was made and why he was sealed away to Eve when they are attacked by an Alterasia-infected Nasod, Eve quickly dispatches the Nasod to Alter Ego's shock, seeing a Nasod just destroy another of its kind. Eve then tells Altera Ego of the Alterasia which had been spread by humans to combat the Nasods. Alter Ego tells Eve to stop using her power and save it for reactivating the system core, suggesting they makes Support Gears to assist her. Using a small portion of Eve's power and code, Alter Ego constructs two Support Gears. While doing so, Eve ponders if destroying the infected Nasods is a heartless act, Alter Ego comforts her in saying it was something that must be done to move forwards.

Completing the Support Gears, Alter Ego attempts to command them to little effect, however they obey Eve's will without question to his dismay. Though to his greater dismay, Eve names the two Gear M and Gear R, after which he pleads to Eve to actually give them proper names. With the new gears to aid them, work on repairing the system core speeds up, but they are suddenly attacked by a mobile artillery unit infected by a large Alterasia Bud which had been attracted to the reactivated system core. He suggests to Eve that she should avoid combat to preserve her power, but Eve determined to protect the system core to ensure the future for Nasods engages the tank in combat. Eve is shot down by a barrage of missiles and is damaged, not wanting her Support Gear companions to be harmed, she tells them to flee. Alter Ego in a desperate act returns the power that Eve had lent to him which provides her with enough power to strike and destroy the tank with an Illusion Stinger.

After the act, Alter Ego was working with borrowed time, he quickly pushed them along to enter the Altera Core Center. In order to protect the Nasods in their prolonged restoration, Alter Ego proposed to build a large Nasod designed to protect and effectively produce them. With the physical chassis built, all that was left was a code to activate it. Eve holding onto a backup of Adam's code decides to use his, Alter Ego deciding to rename it King Nasod. Reaching the preservation capsules, Alter Ego informed that this is where he would bid farewell. Before Eve can fully process it, he activates a code which immediately render her unconscious. In the simulated space, he informs Eve due to the importance of not letting his existence leak, he had targeted her memories of him for deletion. Eve didn't want to accept this outcome, desperate for his guidance moving forwards and fearing loneliness. However, he was confident in Eve and reminds her of her Support Gears which he still remarks she should name. Alter Ego urges Eve to befriend the other species of Elrios and tells her not to wall herself off. He tells her that while the memories of their experiences will be gone, the emotions she felt will remain, then urges her to remember that she does and was programmed to have emotions. Eve comes to terms with the decision and embraces her companion, Adrian Nasod, before her memories of him are completely erased. Once Eve woke up, she only remembers restoring the core on her own, and the Nasod Scout Alter Ego was in lies to the side, in an oddly broken state, after he had sealed himself away again. However, it seems Alter Ego has at least managed to imprint on Eve the desire to properly name her Support Gears, which she names Moby and Remy, and she often dreams of her meeting with him.



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South Korea 얼터 에고 Alter Ego

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