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Name Demon Legion
Role Army

Demon Legion


The current most powerful Demon faction which rose to power after a series coup which ended the reign of the four Demon Lords appointed by the Demon King.


Ruling the Demon Realm

After a series of uprising which took many of the four Demon Lords out of the equation, the entirety of the Demon Realm became a power vacuum. The political structure that was once present crumbled and even now is still in shambles. However, in the chaos, Barkat rose to power, having been the one responsible for the fall of Steel Queen Luciela, he soon sought complete control over the Demon Realm. At the current state, Barkat appears to have an interests in the old rumors of the Dark El, and seeks the power it could bring.

He would launch large scale rebellions against the other Demon Lords and brought the generals of those Lords on his side. Together they formed the united Demon Legion as the Demon Realms current most powerful leading party.

Demon Invasion of Elrios

Barkat used the other generals to launch several campaigns against Elrios, starting with Berthe in Feita as a test run. Soon after successfully opening a gate into Elrios, he launched simultaneous large scale attacks on Northern Fluone, Hamel, and Velder. Scar was also sent to Lanox in a joint effort to revive the Demon God Sult. Jin & In were sent during the invasion of Velder to kidnap the Earth Priestess Artea. Ran attacked Xin taking the Moon El before taking Hamel for the Water El and their respected prophecies. Karis was send to the Sander region soon after with the Wind Priestess as her target, in an attempt to revive the Behemoth to destroy the land.


However, their attacks were foiled time and time again with the aid of the El Search Party or the intervention of the El Lady. After taking multiple defeats, most of the demons retreated back to the Demon Realm. However with multiple leaders having been axed, that left many seats open and a lot of in fighting began in an attempt to claim the vacant seats.

Notable Members

Character Status
Barkat Active
Berthe Active
Ran Active
Scar Deceased
Jin Active
In Active
Karis Deceased
Chloe Defected
Nenya Deceased

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea ??? Demon Legion

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