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Quark Leader
Full Name
Quark Leader
Mmhm. The previous leader 'Meson'. We used to block this entire area because of his notoriety.

~ Nichel


The alpha leader of the Yetis, a powerful fiend which the people stationed at Aurora steer clear of. Finding the location of Aegirp's Soul, Meson draws upon it for power.


Chapter 45: First Soul Fragment

Meson is the leader of the Quark race of Yeti that inhabit the frigid areas around Aurora, though the residents of Aurora noticed the leader's absence in recent times and believe he had been killed and another Quark taken his place. Though unannounced to them, Meson had found residence deep within the Old Village Site, where the fragment of Aegirp's soul was hidden. Making the area his territory, the essence of the soul fragment leaked and Meson absorbed it, become even more powerful.

When the El Search Party track down the location of Aegirp's Soul, they run into the Quark leader who is not too keen of them invading his territory. They fight and the El Search Party manage to drive Meson away from the soul fragment.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 메손 Meson
China (Simplified Chinese) 梅嵩 Meson

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