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Lake Noahs Elder Village Wally's Memorial Bridge

Elder, the small town situated in the northern region of Rurensia, is ruled by the leader Wally. Due to the great technological advancements made by Wally, the town, as seen by its appearance, is rather prosperous. In the middle of the city lies the giant statue of the leader Wally.

The Statue of Wally,
Leader of Elder

The people of Elder are secretly planning to overthrow their oppressive leader, Wally, after finding that Wally is planning to start a conspiracy for his own gain. Fortunately, Elsword and his gang arrived right in time to stop Wally and his evil deeds!

Town Layout

Elder Village


Town NPCs


Npc luichel.jpg

Elder Village's jeweler and owner of the Accessory Shop.
She sells bracelets, bonnets and baubles of all sorts
that aren't just for looks. Her goods are as enchanted as she is.


Npc hofmann.jpg

This refined fellow is considered to be one of the great merchants
of Elder Village. His products are of quality – and so are
the rewards one can gain from his requests. So work hard!


Npc echo.jpg

Elder Village's lollipop-loving alchemist, Echo. Echo was trained in
the ways of Alchemy by her parents. Her enchanting and crafting
skills are without equal. Go to her if you need something special.


Npc lenpad.jpg

He is the owner of the equipment shop in Elder Village.
You can enhance your equipments with his help. People get easily
intimidated by his grouchy appearance but he really is a kind person
who aims to please.

Special NPCs

Ariel, COBO Attendant

Npc cobo ariel.jpg

One of Cobo Travel's employees, her multi-tasking, negotiation,
and social skills, make her the perfect woman to handle the El
Search Party's Travel Documents and Guild Registration.


Npc camilla.jpg

The charming but feisty Sparring Area administrator, Camilla, spends most
of her time playing with weapons. This makes her the perfect person to lecture
wannabe heroes who want to acquire additional survival skills. Apply or die!

Luriel, COBO Banker


Luriel is the most trustworthy employee of COBO, entrust your
items with her through COBO Bank Service and she'll keep them safe.
You can deposit and withdraw your items from her anytime. Luriel is also
present in any town for your convenience.

Suburbs of Elder

Wally's Memorial Bridge

Wally Memorial Brigde.png

Wally's Castle Gateway

Gate of Wally's Castel.png

Twin Watchtower

Twin Watchtowers.png


Dungeon Select

Dungeon Name
2-1 (Renewal).png Shadow Forest
2-2 (Renewal).png Banthus Cave
2-3 (Renewal).png Underground Waterway
2-4 (Renewal).png Suburbs of Wally's Castle
2-5 (Renewal).png Wally's Castle
2-x (Renewal).png Wally's Underground Laboratory

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